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The design of this sailing yacht is defined by two volumes intersecting each other: the first volume is the overarching triangle covering the hull, meant to celebrate speed, the second is the hull itself, whose directional highlights radiate from its high stern to the flat bow. The thin rear overhang emphasize the lightness of the design, floating high over the waterline. The intersection of the two main volumes seamlessly creates the day light opening on the sides. The rudders are seamless extensions of the triangular volume, visually dropping in the water like the wings of an albatross.

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Vaan R4

This sailing catamaran is designed with active sailors in mind. The minimalist design is inspired by modern sleek monohulls and racing sailing yachts. The open cockpit provides a direct connection with the water, both when sailing or at anchor. The recycled aluminium building material is exposed only in the matte aluminium 'targa roll-bar' which also provides shelter while sailing in rough weather. The floors inside and outside are at the same level which improves the connection between the active sailors outside and friends and family in the saloon.

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Amer F 100

The exterior decor, designed by the yard, has a drastic reduction of the fiberglass surface, on the side larger windows, brighter inside and more sea view panorama.The hard work was to balance the increased weight of the windows with the lightweight of the materials and furniture. Internal surface as increased thanks to suppression of a external lateral passage. The prow area is accessable by a sea walking from the cockpit. This superyacht has been projected following the blue mind philosophy as therapy against burnout with a non stop visual contact with the nature for relaxing guest mind.

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The 77-metres Atlantico is a pleasure yacht with extensive outside areas and wide interior spaces, which enables the guests to enjoy the seaview and be in contact with it. The aim of the design was to create a modern yacht with timeless elegance. Particular focus was on the proportions to keep the profile low. The yacht has six decks with amenities and services as helipad, tender garages with speedboat and jetski. Six suite cabins host twelve guests, while the owner has a deck with outside lounge and jacuzzi. There is an outside and a 7-metres interior pool. The yacht has a hybrid propulsion.

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The Black Pearl

Black Pearl design take divers to explore the sovereign dive site of Palau, re-examine and follow the blue ocean, green island and mottled rainbow. To enjoyed intelligence system, feel of bench mark quality and the open activity space. To admire the wonders of the world when they experience the comfortable accommodation on the boat. It is a boat designed for diving enthusiasts, with a total length of 46.8m and a width of 8.6m which can easily accommodate 28 passengers. From living facilities to entertainment equipment ensure the convenience and comfort of divers far away from the coast.

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Migma is the Greek word for mixture, an evocation to the life of the sea through structural bionic elements where the rationality of the technique is mixed with the fluidity of nature, represented by this noiseless hydrogen-powered 180 feet electric catamaran as a living entity that furrows the seas with zero emissions. Migma catamaran is based on a minimalist and high-end aesthetic, creating a new way to understand spaces within a catamaran, where the core structure is located in the middle and all elements grow from it.

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