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Estrella will present the next generation of Superyacht for Ultra high net worth individuals. This concept will provides a dynamic experience to people by dividing the hull wings into three volumes. By providing different views of Mediterranean Sea, they perceive the surroundings. Also, it can make intimate experience with nature by providing innovative layout.

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Scuderia 65

The yacht was developed for a very experienced owner and regatta sailor who had various offshore yachts before, and will take part in numerous offshore and grand prix regattas with this yacht. First of all it has to be good looking, a sexy boat! Fast, with good all-round performance. Seaworthy and easy to handle, also with a small crew. It has to be lightweight, but with a functional interior and very comfortable for normal cruising with the family. However heavy items can be taken out easily for racing. Other versions, like a raised saloon version, have been also developed for the Adriasail.

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CLX96 is the world’s first performance luxury SAV (Sea Activity Vessel) born from a precise concept: to elevate the comfort, convenience, and handling of a flybridge motor yacht, combined with expansive indoor and outdoor spaces and the enhanced capabilities of an expedition yacht. CLX96’s iconic profile and numerous innovative features result from original thinking and smart design, integrating beauty and functionality. The unique double reverse angled House allows more exterior and interior space than any vessel in her class, including the first ever sun deck forward of the Pilot House.

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Hunters 40

When Hunters 40 is produced, it's expected to meet all the needs of a family and at the same time make a difference in terms of power in its category. She has a fully touchscreen console and voice control system. Inside her saloon, seat heating is available. She has a sliding platform and an electric stepped passerelle that works vertically and provides access to the water and also to the pier. In addition to that, aft seats also can be transformed to sunbed. She has a panoramic glass ceiling to give the monolithic look and also functional to welcoming the day light into the Hunters 40 saloon.

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Aero 45

A cutting-edge vessel rendered by patented hull technology and smart, sustainable engineering for experienced yacht owners, Aero 45 is designed for exploration and can take you around the world with speed and navigation advantages of an Aluminum Rigid Inflatable Boat and the amenities of a Super Yacht. Aero takes the Power RIB as a Pocket Yacht concept further than has ever been attempted before. The challenge of turning the classic lines of a RIB into a luxury vessel that fulfils the needs of an experienced sea-voyager has led to a new approach on seakeeping, sustainability and efficiency

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A68 is a yacht design with the motif of a cut piece of the world's largest iceberg. The main deck is a space for current humans where passengers can get together, leisure and dine. The second and third floors are designed to feel the split iceberg more directly, and are spaces that make you think about how human beings in the future will coexist with Mother Nature. A68 will travel around the world and strongly spread its symbolism to everyone.

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